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Types of UNDP contracts and conditions

UNDP Belarus Internship Policy 2013
Information about different types of UNDP contracts and their conditions, offered by the UNDP Office in Belarus

UNDP Belarus Internship Policy 2013

Internship in the UNDP Belarus


Internships offer a small group of outstanding undergraduate and graduate–level students the opportunity to acquire direct exposure to UNDP's work.

Internships are not alternative forms of employment. They are a way to offer students the opportunity to compliment their studies with hands on experience. This is excellent outreach for UNDP Belarus as well as a chance to have resources for a short period of time for focused contributions.  As interns are not paid, it is the relationship of the work experience to their studies and/or their future academic or career ambitions which gives the internship assignment value. They cannot be used to replace support staff or conduct strictly support functions. While some routine functions may be components of internship assignments, they are intended to be learning and developmental experiences that compliment advanced studies.  Providing an opportunity to make substantive contributions to an office’s work is an essential requirement of offices taking on interns. 

Assignments vary greatly in terms of content. Every attempt is made to match the interests of the intern with the needs of the organization. Internship assignments vary in length according to the availability and academic requirements of the intern, as well as the needs of UNDP. However, they will normally last no less than six weeks and no more than six months.

Assignments are available on a part–time and full–time basis throughout the year depending on the availability of meaningful assignments and the needs and capacity of offices to receive and supervise interns.

Typical Tasks performed by the students

  • Conducting research;
  • Drafting documents;
  • Cataloguing information;
  • Assisting in the organization of meetings, conferences, or other collaborative events;
  • Preparing knowledge products (stories/best and worst practices).
  • Identifying innovative development solutions in specific areas
  • Provide operational and administrative support
  • Undertake field visits and attend meetings and workshops where appropriate
  • Supporting monitoring and evaluation, communications and resource mobilization


Internships may be offered at the RC Office, UNDP office or at UNDP development project offices.


UNDP may accept interns providing the following conditions are met:


  • enrolled in a degree programme in an undergraduate or graduate school at the time of application and during the internship (if a candidate is graduating before the internship period begins, they are no longer eligible)


  • proficiency in written and spoken English; knowledge of Russian and/or Belarusian an advantage;
  • computer literate in standard software applications;
  • academic excellence;
  • demonstrated keen interest in the work of the UN, and of UNDP in particular, and have a personal commitment to UNDP's Statement of Purpose  and to the ideals of the UN Charter; and
  • demonstrate the ability to successfully interact with individuals of different backgrounds and beliefs, which include willingness to try and understand and be tolerant of differing opinions and views.


  • Interns are considered gratis personnel. They are not staff members.
  • Interns may not be sought or accepted as substitutes for staff to be recruited against authorized posts.
  • Interns may not represent UNDP in any official capacity.

Receiving offices and supervisors

The receiving offices/ projects and supervisors shall seek to create a working environment conducive to interns’ substantive learning and professional development.  The supervisor must prepare a clear ToR and work plan for the period of the internship. Without regular and appropriate supervision, the internship will not only be unproductive but frustrating for both UNDP and the intern.

Working Conditions

During the internship session, interns will be provided with a desk, phone, e–mail address, access key, identity card and computer.

Advertising and Selection

Applications for internships will be received throughout the year and eligible applications will be stored in a database.

Requesting Unit in the UNDP office or in project:

–    prepare terms of reference describing the tasks of interns ensuring that an intern’s assignment(s) is related to his/her field of study, meaningful for both the office and the intern, and at the appropriate level of complexity and variety.

–        submit a request for an intern(s) by providing the Terms of Reference to the Intern focal point (annex B TOR template) to be posted on the UN/UNDP website.

–        Prepare a work plan with clear deliverables in consultation with the intern once selected. This work plan should be submitted to the intern focal point within one week of commencing the internship.

The information for interns with the on–line application form shall be used for collection and screening of applications (annex A with an on–line data base). Currently, the data base will be replaced by the UNDP.jobs as an option for collection of applications.

Review Criteria

The intern focal point together with the requesting unit (representatives) will short list candidates from the database and  will select potential interns based on interviews and writing samples where appropriate. Besides, meeting the minimum eligibility requirements, the main criteria for the review of candidates for selection as interns are his/her:

  • ability to fulfill the requirements of the terms of reference; and
  • academic qualifications and experience, if any; and
  • career/academic aspirations

Assessment, Recommendation and Decision.   

The head of the requesting unit will on the basis of the interviews make recommendations through the intern focal point for RR/DRR review and approval, including details on where and to whom, intern will report. Once a decision is made the following shall be done:

–        Signed copy of the TOR and stipulating the starting and ending dates;

–        Signed UNDP Internship Agreement (Annex  C)

–        Medical Certificate of Good Health.


Supervisors are responsible for the content of the assignment of the intern, which should be explained fully to the intern prior to the commencement of the internship. Supervisors are also responsible for arranging meetings with other units of UNDP so that the intern is given an opportunity to understand the workings of the whole organization.

Performance discussions should be held on a systematic and regularly basis during the internship. At a minimum this should entail a discussion mid–term and at the end of the internship. The intern focal point should be included in all performance discussions.

At the end of the internship, the supervisor should prepare the “Internship Evaluation” of the intern’s performance and organize a meeting with him/her to provide constructive feedback. The final evaluation should be submitted through the intern focal point to the RR/DRR.


Annex A  INFORMATION FOR INTERNS (posted at the UNDP intra)


Assignments vary greatly in terms of content. Every attempt is made to match the interests of the intern with the needs of the organization. Internship assignments vary in length according to the availability and academic requirements of the intern, as well as the needs of UNDP. However, they will normally last no less than six weeks and no more than six months. Assignments are available on a part–time and full–time basis throughout the year depending on the availability of meaningful assignments and the needs and capacity of offices to receive and supervise interns.


Interns are selected on a competitive basis. The following minimum qualifications are required:

  • enrollment in a graduate–level degree programme in a development related field such as economics, public or business administration, or environmental studies.
  • demonstrated interest in the field of development;
  • Language skills: written and spoken proficiency in English;
  • a desire to work with and gain the confidence and respect of people with different language, national and cultural backgrounds;
  • respect for the principles of the United Nations Charter and the UNDP Statement of Purpose.

Financial Issues

UNDP does not pay for internships. The costs associated with the latter must be borne by the nominating institution, related institution or government, which may provide the required financial assistance to its students; or by the student, who will have to obtain financing for subsistence and make his or her own arrangements for travel, accommodation etc.

Further Career Opportunities

The purpose of internships is not to lead to further employment with UNDP but, as mentioned, to complement an intern's studies. However, a number of interns, having completed their studies and met the necessary requirements, have gone on to further assignments with the UNDP or elsewhere in the United Nations system.

Required Documents

Selection for the internships is fully decentralized within UNDP. Applicants interested in an internship should provide us with following:

  • a copy of your most recent resume or curriculum vitae;
  • a letter from your university confirming current enrollment and graduation date;
  • a copy of your school transcript;
  • a letter of endorsement from a senior faculty member who has directly supervised you in the recent past and who is fully acquainted with your performance;

If being selected for the Internship, the candidate has to submit the Medical Certificate of Good Health;

Internship application form

Please note that all fields and all attachments are mandatory. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Top of Form

First name*   
E–mail address*   
Present University or Institutional affiliation*   
Degree expected (Masters, Doctorat, other)*   
Date degree will be granted (Day/Month/Year)*   
Area of study*   
Briefly explain your reasons for applying to the UNDP Internship Programme. Please include specific objectives and expected benefits of the internship    
Requested dates for Internship (UNDP only accepts interns for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 6 months) *  to
Only word or PDF files will be considered (files with extensions: .pdf, .doc, .docx):   
Copy of your most recent curriculum vitae   
Letter from your university confirming current enrollment   

Annex C

UNDP Internship Agreement

1.  I accept the internship, which has been awarded to me by UNDP and understand the following:

a)      UNDP will not pay me for my internship; all the expenses connected with it will be borne by me or my sponsoring Government or institution;

b)      UNDP accepts no responsibility for costs arising from accidents and/or illness or death incurred during my internship; I will provide proof of my enrolment in a health insurance plan;

c)      I am not eligible to apply for, or be appointed to, any post in UNDP during the period of my internship or for the three months immediately following the expiration date thereof;

d)      I am personally responsible for obtaining necessary visas and arranging my travel to and from the duty station where the internship will be performed.

2.   I undertake the following obligations with respect to the UNDP internship programme:

a)      To observe all applicable rules, regulations, instructions, procedures and directives of the Organization;

b)      To refrain from any conduct that would adversely reflect on UNDP or on the receiving bureau/office and will not engage in any activity which is incompatible with the aims and objectives of UNDP;

c)      To respect the impartiality and independence required of UNDP and of the receiving bureau/office and shall not seek or accept instructions regarding the services performed from any Government or from any authority external to the Organization;

d)      To keep confidential any and all unpublished information made known to me by the accepting office or bureau during the course of my internship that I know or ought to have known has not been made public, and except with the explicit authorization of UNDP, not to publish any reports or papers on the basis of information obtained during the programme, both during and after the completion of my internship;

e)      To provide immediate written notice in case of illness or other circumstances which might prevent me from completing the internship;

f)       To return my identification pass to the officer–in–charge of the internship programme at the duty station.

3.   I have read the attached terms of reference of my internship and I accept to abide by them.


_________________________________            __________________________  

Signed                                                                          Date


UN RC/UNDP RR _____________






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